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You need complete, accurate data in your database to reach your customers and constituents. But if that data isn’t clean, up-to-date, or verified, it’s costing you money rather than making you money.

SFG can help your database deliver quality data with our Data Services.

Data Hygiene

Clean, accurate data means larger profits for you.

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National Change of Address improves deliverability.

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The Coding Accuracy Support System ensures accurate addressing.

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Advanced Merge/Purge solutions make your data work for you.

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  • Reduce Costs

    The U.S. Postal Service processed more than 155 billion pieces of mail in fiscal 2014. Of those, it identified 6.6 billion pieces as undeliverable as addressed (UAA). Don’t waste money contacting people who aren’t there. Cleaning your data regularly will not only save you on postage, printing and reshipping costs, it will also help you qualify for USPS automation and presort discounts. Operational expenses such as handling costs and customer service calls can also see a reduction. There’s also a cost associated with storing and maintaining old or obsolete data. Not to mention that less wasteful mailings also helps protect the environment. Clean data also promotes compliance with data protection best practices and policies. For example, the Data Protection Act addresses the storage of personal information and failure to cleanse can actually result in non-compliance and financial penalties. Keeping your data clean and accurate is also a best practice that will help you comply with Direct Marketing Association guidelines.

  • Increase Response

    Eliminating mailing to inaccurate addresses can result in greater return on investment for your marketing activities simply by realizing the same return with less mail. Greater data accuracy also assists in your target profiling, meaning that your marketing campaigns will be more focused and likely to be more successful. Using obsolete or inaccurate data for your targeting activities will only lead to misdirected campaigns. Improving the quality of you data results in improved customer insight and adds considerable value to your marketing efforts by facilitating richer analytics, improved market segmentation, and reduced risk.

  • Maximize Revenue

    Clean data can provide opportunities for maximizing revenue, whether it’s utilizing more effective initiatives such as cross sell/upsell communications, or better segmentation identification, which can lead to a new market segment opportunity. By sharing the clean data across your databases, you can affect other revenue opportunities as well.

  • Engage Customers and Constituents

    Duplicates and inaccurate customer details can actually harm your brand image and customer perception. For instance, if you are consistently sending marketing efforts to old addresses, customers that may have died, or that have opted out of receiving promotional material, your efforts are actually helping to create a wider negative image, rather than return on investment. Negatively impacting the customer experience can delay promised communications or shipments and produce poor customer insight. Accurate data helps you deliver the right communications to your customers and constituents across all marketing channels. Improving your customers and constituents experience effects loyalty and repeat engagement.


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