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Using our certified NCOAlink software, SFG can ensure that each address in the database is actually a valid address to which the U.S. Postal Service will deliver mail.

While the US Postal Service requires that the NCOA process be done every 95 days, we recommend performing this process every month because of the economics. About 14% of the U.S. population moves every year, which is roughly 1.2% every month. If this process is only performed every 95 days, you could be throwing away 3-4% on those that moved within the 95-day time frame. If move-updates are not performed on a database, over a four-year period of time, over half of the addresses could be out-of-date. Another process to consider is to share the clean files with your other databases.

Data Hygiene

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The Coding Accuracy Support System ensures accurate addressing.

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Advanced Merge/Purge solutions make your data work for you.

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