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Enhanced Merge/Purge

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Merge/purge is the process of taking a number of different lists of addresses or emails, combining them together, suppressing people you don’t want to market to or have opted out of marketing efforts, and then eliminating duplications between lists so you’re not wasting money by mailing multiple mail pieces or emails to the same person.

SFG has developed an enhanced merge/purge solution that incorporates industry-leading techniques utilizing a hybrid approach to identify and eliminate duplicate records from a direct marketing campaign. As a licensed user of Merge Purge Plus software by Pitney Bowes, we can help with deciding what type of matching algorithms to use: for example, one mail piece to an address; one mail piece to the same surname at that address, or one mail piece to an individual. With this software and our knowledgeable expertise, we can provide the flexibility to test various segments, instead of an all-or-none approach. So rather than eliminating a segment that doesn’t pay well from your entire mailing effort, we can help you test the group, which can open up new segments and potential revenue opportunities.

Our enhanced process includes such things as:

  • Data hygiene and postal presort with in-house CASS™, Delivery Point Validation (DPV®), and NCOALink® processing before and after merge/purge
  • Customizable data hygiene scrubs and testing
  • Over 1.5 trillion algorithm combinations of tightness/looseness
  • List priorities that can be set at the list and/or list group levels and list interactions that can be prioritized between multiple concurrent mail campaigns
  • True random selection of records with identical list priorities
  • Comprehensive customized reporting
  • Multiple output formats
  • Access to archived promotion history and support for email campaigns
  • Optional overlay enhancement and modeling services

Data Hygiene

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